Coffee Supreme, Commercial - 2012

"Crucially it feels like Coffee Supreme as soon as you walk in. W2 did a great job of understanding and expressing both the feel and functionality we sought."

"Throughout the build W2 went the extra mile to stay on top of the process and develop details of the design. It was a really good relationship"

Chris Dillon - Owner, Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme commissioned an 'out of the norm' design for their South Island Headquarters. We achieved this with an innovative pivoting wall, which at the push of a button transforms their soft, industrial interior into a streetside cafe.

The interior space centers around the main coffee bar and machine, painted in GM Big Bad Orange to mimic the Dukes of Hazzard’s Dodge Charger.

Pale green banquette seating lines one side of the industrial-styled space, complemented by oiled hardwood tables sitting on steel frames. Metal stools and vintage coffee machines inject colour to the space, and plywood boxes work as tables that separate the café from Coffee Supreme HQ at the rear of the building.

Upstairs houses a feature communal table - a repurposed guillotine face from a print factory above the building, from which naked incandescent lights hang from jug cords.

Complete 2008 - Demolished following Canterbury Earthquakes