Stuart is a chartered structural engineer He is motivated by innovative and efficient designs, and is not constrained by how things were done in the past. Stuart likes to see structural elements to a building integral to it’s architectural form.


With a background in joinery and seven years of architecture in New York, Matt has an eye for detail and a strong focus on customer service.

Matt will be there to the end, don’t worry!

After studying in NZ and the USA, James gradually and peripatetically returned home to NZ.

Post-earthquake he has given himself the goal of returning Gothic to its rightful place as THE architecture of Canterbury.

South African Joe has returned from Europe to the sunny South. He enjoys being part of the Christchurch rebuild and dabbles in a bit of woodwork.

He also knows karate and at least 6 other Japanese words. Legend!

Nick is a British Registered Architect who is on a quest to integrate his childhood fascination with shiny things into stunning and exciting architectural designs.

Direct from Transilvania, Stefan will suck the blood from anything that stands between him and at least 67% NBS.

He is 201% prepared for anything the rebuild can throw at him. (Caution – Sometimes bares his teeth)

Hailing from Otago, Dani has ventured North to pursue her career in architecture.

She has an interest in work completed by Frank Lloyd Wright and she also loves to shop

Some say Martin once invented matt black, whilst others believe he can “see wind”.

All we know is he make’s a mean muffin.

Pádraig hails from Ireland, he was drawn to Christchurch looking for his next architectural challenge, the fishing, and is still search of a decent Guinness in this town.

Based in Auckland, Nic is W2’s resident composite expert.

With a background in luxurious floating craft, he has turned his attention to help realise the Romotow dream.