Stuart is a chartered structural engineer He is motivated by innovative and efficient designs, and is not constrained by how things were done in the past. Stuart likes to see structural elements to a building integral to it's architectural form.
With a background in joinery and seven years of architecture in New York, Matt has an eye for detail and a strong focus on customer service. Matt will be there to the end, don't worry!
After studying in NZ and the USA, James gradually and peripatetically returned home to NZ. Post-earthquake he has given himself the goal of returning Gothic to its rightful place as THE architecture of Canterbury.
Tim has a background in civil infrastructure projects but is also a licensed builder and offshore sailor. He is currently renovating a dilapidated house whilst living in it, and therefore spends much of his time in the W2 office.
Nick is a British Registered Architect who is on a quest to integrate his childhood fascination with shiny things into stunning and exciting architectural designs.
After a number of years overseas, Emma has returned to her native South Island and brings with her a keen eye for interior design. She has an interest in furniture and she also loves to shop.
Irina has ventured south to pursue her career in architecture. Having adopted the kiwi lifestyle of exploring New Zealand's landscapes, living simply and determined to make the world a greener place.
Vanessa is interested in indoor plants, horses, and dogs hence runs the W2 office like a well organised zoo. She is happy to help with your architectural or structural queries or with indoor plant advice.
As W2's first employee, Lana has loved watching the company grow to where it is today. We have set her free a few times, but like a boomerang, she always returns with new ideas and the best banter to the team!